Mavic Cosmic Elite Clincher Wheelset 2012

Mavic Cosmic Elite Clincher Wheelset 2012


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The Cosmic Elite wheelset has been designed for the more serious cyclists who either race, train, or prefer to ride their favourite sportive event over the weekend.

  • Freehub body: Shimano
  • Weights (front/rear): 815/955g
  • Rim material: 6106 aluminium
  • Rim height: 30mm
  • Braking surface: UB Control
  • Spokes (front): 20, straight pull bladed, radial
  • Spokes (rear): 20, straight pull bladed, 2 crossed
  • Hub material: aluminium
  • Bearings: QRM
  • Freewheel system: FTS-L
  • Carretera

The wheels are built with ultra bladed straight pull spokes, aerodynamic hub caps, high quality sealed bearings and finished off with a 30mm stiff deep rim.
The wheels look great, ride extremely well and are packed with plenty of features to enhance your riding pleassure.



Datos de la especificación

Wheel Set Technology
Cosmic Elite
FTS-L - The reinforcement of the key transmission components. Lighter hub, stronger hub and bettergtorque transmission.
QRM - Mavic only uses high quality sealed cartridge bearings. On QRM wheels, they provide high durability thanks to double sealing (2RS or LLU) as well as high efficiency thanks to C3 internal clearance (low play, tight tolerances).
SUP - A welded and milled rim joint is extremely strong, eliminates shuddering when braking, and offers superior wheel balance.
UB CONTROL - The braking surfaces are milled to improve braking friction and eliminate shuddering.
selflock Self Lock - The special shape of the spoke end, on the thread, makes it impossible to loosen. The spokes stays tightly screwed into the nipple, no tension loss is occuring. As a benefit, the wheel keeps its origional roundness for a long time and does not get out of true


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