How to make your reservation

Make a reservation in advance so that we can provide better service.
You can cancel whenever you want.
If you are a group, let us all your details to offer the best service.
If you don´t find what you want contact us please.

e-mail sancho bikes

The process of booking.

-Fill in the following reservation form.

-Confirm the booking.

-Make the payment of 50 €.

-Through an e-mail will be confirmed booking.


Book your bike


Type of bike
* Type of bike

If you don't find your type of pedals you can bring your owns. If you know your size mark the follow options. If you don't know mark the option "I don't know"

Frame Size

Choose an option.
Dates and times of bicycle hire

Pickup or delivery of the bike
Where do you collection de bike?

Observations and comments


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