Thermo Shot

Thermo Shot
Thermo Shot
Thermo Shot


¡Quema calorías a cualquier hora!

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Burn calories at any time!


THERMOSHOT ® is a new concept of "thermogenic" in a "Shot", formulated from plant extracts that have a synergistic effect to increase thermogenesis (increased body T °) and generate more burning of calories during the day.

Its practical format allows for being able to take at any time, anywhere, regardless of physical activity a day is not essential as exercise combined with its effectiveness.

It is a natural caffeine intake that allows sustained release, by stimulating the central nervous system, activate the metabolism of fats.
Along with this caffeine increases thermogenesis and burning calories.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine:
Amino acid acting on the Central Nervous System (precursor of neurotransmitters) in addition to its activity on the thyroid (activating the metabolism).

Citrus Aurantium:
Bitter Orange Extract with stimulating for their content of synephrine, who has a synergy with caffeine increases the thermogenic effect of the product.

Kola Nut:
Kola nut extract with stimulating activity due to its natural caffeine intake.

White Sauce:
White Willow Bark (Salix Alba) is rich in salicin which leads to salicylic acid once absorbed by the body. It has analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory as well have been shown to potentiate the thermogenic effect in combination with stimulating extracts.

Extract with diuretic effect.

Vitamin B6:
Essential vitamin in the body's energy metabolism.

Avoiding blood sugar regulating appetite.

Nutrisport Recommendation:

Take 1 THERMOSHOT ® in the morning and 1 FatBurners ® SHOT before exercise, which will increase your calorie intake during the workday and stimulate adipose tissue reduction.

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