Vittoria ZAFFIRO Tire 700x23

 Vittoria ZAFFIRO Tire 700x23


700x23 c

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Weight: 1000 grams

Dot C.O.M. Vector Design tread for safe training.
Tread is same as Zaffiro Pro (foldable), and the Aramid Endura 3D Compound.
A stronger casing combined with bead wire made from 4 twisted steel wires (for better flexibility) make Zaffiro ideal for training.

Aramid Endura 3D Compound - Training tyres are never durable enough. For this reason we upgraded our Aramid Compound to increase its wear resistance, maintaining the safe and inspiring road-behavior our tyres are famous for.

• Size - 700 x 23c
• Bead - Wire
• Weight - 340g
• PSI - 100/130


The Zaffiro is a training tire with high-end features yet is very affordable. It boasts Vittoria's Dot C.O.M. ("dot Computer Optimized Measure") concept which varies the size of the tread dots according to their position on the tread surface. The dots are smaller in the center, for less rolling resistance, and larger towards the sides, for better grip, creating a tire that is fast on the straightaways and safe in corners. It also contains their Aramid 3D compound for puncture protection as well as a more robust casing combined with wire beads made from four twisted steel wires for better flexibility. 26 tpi. Black tread/black sidewall. 700c x 23mm

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